2019 Pot o' Gold Pro-Am Tournament

March 8-10, 2019

Rules for entry in the Pot o' Gold Pro-Am Tournament

  • This is a 4-man pro-am, one Pro and three amateurs' best ball.

  • The Pot-o-Gold is intended to be a competition of "Working Pro's" and their associated club members. In order to maintain a competitive field, "Touring Pro's" are not eligible to compete. The Tournament Committee has the final authority to determine eligibility.

  • Each Pro must be a member in good standing of the PGA, and working full-time for the club he represents or as an independent instructor.

  • Teams may be formed in one of two ways:

    • One club-affiliated Pro, two amateurs who are members of the Pro's club, and one unrestricted amateur.

    • One Pro (with or without a club affiliation), and three amateurs who are all members of the same club.

  • This tournament is by invitation only. The Pot o' Gold Tournament Committee determines the entries.

  • If a Pro wishes to place a team in our tournament, please contact Bob Windom, PGA Pro at Sunset Country Club, or call 229-890-5555 and request an invitation.

  • Invitations are typically mailed the last week of December, but late entries are available when space permits.

Rules of Play

All play will be governed by the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf, as modified by the following local rules and definitions:

  1. Format: Lowest score of the group shall be determined as score for the team. (REMINDER: There is a low professional and a low amateur division.)

  2. All players will play from the gold tee markers.

  3. Preferred Lies: Players may improve lie within six inches, no nearer the hole, in the fairway that you are playing only.

  4. Out-of-Bounds: Defined by white stakes, white lines, and property fence posts.

  5. Lateral Water Hazards: Defined by red stakes and/or red lines. (Note: A ball drop is provided on Hole #5 at the bottom of the hill. Dropping zone marked as "DZ".)

  6. Water Hazards: Defined by yellow stakes and/or yellow lines. (Note: The lake in front of Hole #14 is a water hazard (See Rule 26-1). A ball drop is provided near the front left side of the lake. Dropping zone marked as "DZ".)

  7. Permanent Power Lines and Cables: If a ball strikes such a line or cable, the player must cancel the stroke, abandon the ball, and another ball must be re-played without penalty (See Rule 20-5).

  8. Inclement Weather: If you are on the golf course, and you hear the air horn, all players must mark their position and come in.

  9. In the event of rain cancellation of a round, at least one completed round constitutes a tournament, with a winner being declared based on the one or more full rounds. All prize money to pros and amateurs will be awarded based on the completed round or rounds' scores.

Rules to Break a Tie

There are trophies for Low Team and Low Amateur, so we must determine a winner. We do not have time for a play-off after finishing on Sunday.

FOR LOW TEAM, the first tie-breaker is low score on last round completed, then next to last, etc.. This will determine who receives trophies. All prize monies will be split equally, as usual.

FOR LOW AMATEUR, we will apply the same tie-breaker as above except for the prize. We award a set of Mizuno irons plus $250.00 credit in the pro shop. We will be unable to split first, second, etc.

FOR LOW PRO AND LOW SENIOR PRO, the winner will be determined the same as above. All prize monies will be divided equally.

The committee reserves the right to make further decisions if necessary.

Optional Contests

Coke Long Drive Contest

  • This contest is held on Thursday afternoon during the practice rounds on the 10th tee. Check the tournament schedule for exact times.

  • Both pro's and amateurs (who are entered in the tournament) are eligible.

  • Each entrant will be allowed three attempts. Only his longest drive in the fairway will count.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three in the open division and the top two in the Senior division.

  • There is an entry fee of $5/player for this contest. (Collected at the event)

Daily Dog Fight

  • This is a daily team low-round competition, conducted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • If any round is canceled due to weather, then prizes for the other rounds will be increased.

  • There is an additional entry fee of $500/team for this contest.

Skins Game

  • This is a daily team skins competition, conducted on all three tournament days.

  • One skin is won by earning the lowest score on a hole, with no ties.

  • The daily skins prize is divided among all skins earned for that round. If no skins are earned in a round (or if a round is canceled), then that round's prizes are divided evenly and added to the prize pool for the other rounds.

  • There is an additional entry fee of $120/team for this contest.

Sunday Morning Shootout

  • After the first two rounds' scores are totaled, the bottom half of the field will be assigned to a Sunday morning tee time.

  • Any team assigned to the Sunday morning flight may choose to withdraw from the main tournament and instead compete in the Sunday Morning Shootout.

  • The format and rules shall be the same as the main tournament, but only the Sunday morning round will count in this contest.

  • Prizes will be awarded to the three lowest-scoring teams who have elected to participate.

  • There is no additional entry fee for this contest, but it is important to note that you must withdraw from the primary tournament to participate. Any team who elects to participate will NOT be eligible for main team tournament prizes, regardless of how low they score on Sunday. (Individual players will still be eligible for the low-Am and low-Pro prizes, however.)

  • Teams playing in the Sunday afternoon flight are not eligible for this contest.

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